On the sunrise of Halloween this year, one couple found an unusually strange and ‘scary gift box’ on the street across their house.

Other than it was not typical for the area to be having garbage not properly disposed; the box that was tightly wrapped by a plastic trash bag was moving.

Although a little shocked, the duo, Gloria and Guillermo Reyes got curious so they went closer to have a better look.  To their surprise, poking on the hole of the box was a dog’s snout!

The pooch was obviously lacking air because it tried to chew off the plastic so they ripped the box open and found one frail and frightened golden retriever puppy.

The couple contacted a relative, Berni Gutierrez, who in turn reached out to Hand in Paw Founder, Piper Wood.

Having been inside the box for 24 hours at the very least, Wood was initially worried that the 8–week–old pup had suffered oxygen deprivation.  But that’s not all. The vet also found out that he had parvovirus, a disease that can be lethal if not treated immediately.  Fortunately, the golden pup’s already receiving the treatment that he needs.

“He’s very lethargic right now but he wags his tail and gives kisses,” said Wood.  “You can tell he’s going to be a really great dog, but he’s not just feeling well right now.”

The puppy, presently called Dexter, was believed to have come from some backyard breeder who, instead of having the pup treated by a vet, just discarded him when he got sick.

“It is a very common and disturbing practice that dogs get tossed out the moment they show any sign of sickness,” said Wood. “There are hundreds of applications to adopt him already.  Dexter’s a golden retriever, he’s simply adorable.”

Dexter’s life may have been rough to begin with, but he’s lucky having someone like Wood, who will do everything in her power to give him a bright future that he deserves.

Photo Credits to Hand in Paw


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