It has been a big question being wondered by apartment and condo dwellers – can I raise a dog in this tight space? One the first factors to consider in adopting a dog is whether or not there is sufficient space for your dog to thrive in – whether there areas where your dog can poop or perhaps find an open field or public park where they can stretch their legs and exercise. Given that you will live in an apartment complex or a condo, there could be strict rules regarding pets. Hence, you need to know first if you are allowed to have a pet dog in the property and what are the rules regarding pets while in the property.

Wiggle Room
Once you have the green light on all aspects to get a dog, you will then have to consider which dog would suit you best. Now don’t be so quick to dismiss medium to large dogs for your apartment. Some large dogs can thrive in small spaces. However, you must put into consideration the wiggle room for your dog. Yes, large dogs can thrive in tight spaces but does your large dog have enough space to thrive in your apartment? You will have to factor in the number and the sizes of your furniture and if the open space is sufficient for you and your dog.

Energy level of your dog
Since we are discussing spaces, you will have to remember the energy level of the dog you will take in. Just like in physics, high energy in a tight contained space means explosions – so choose wisely regarding this aspect.

This can be a bit of a headache depending on the tolerance level of your neighbors. If you will live in an apartment complex where plenty of people will pass by, this can be an issue. However, you should train your dog to manage their tolerance to strangers as there will be a high frequency of strangers passing by in a daily basis. Security wouldn’t be much of a problem as most apartment complexes and condo areas have their own security.

Now let’s take a look at this list for dog breeds that can thrive in small apartments. Take note that there are more dogs that can thrive in tight spaces not just the ones on this list:

In case you haven’t heard of the Chihuahua – just kidding! Everyone knows about these cute little puppers. As you already know Chihuahuas have a high energy level and tend to be barky with strangers. Sound like a bad choice? Not really. Given their small size, they can use their high energy to run around your apartment with no problems at all. Regarding their barking, you will just have to train them to lessen their barking especially towards people who are only passing by. To use up their high energy, you will have to take them to lots of walks and they will require good exercise in a public park or open field.

Bassett Hound
The Bassett hound breed has moderate energy and is usually medium to large in size. This breed will not pose any problems as they tend to lounge more than run all over the place. Although hounds are generally known to howl, the Bassett hound breed seldom does this is and this will help with the minimal noise effort you are trying to achieve.

Bichon Frise
One of the all-time favorites for small dogs, the Bichon Frise will pose little no problems in a small apartment. They tend to bark a lot but given their small size, they will cause no issues with your neighbors. The Bichon Frise has a higher energy level than the Basset hound but it will be proportionate as they are small and can easily run around your apartment with no difficulties.

As we all know bulldogs are medium-sized loungers who just like to chill around at home. They are generally quiet and will only require little exercise time which is perfect if you have don’t have too much open space. They are quiet so the only noise problem you will have is their cute snoring.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
These cute little pups are too adorable to say no to. Medium-sized and with a moderate energy level, they are perfect for apartment living. They are generally quiet and prefer to thrive indoors. They will only require a little bit of exercise in a small yard.


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