Simple Recipes for Treating our Dog’s Stomach Aches
There are times when our beloved dogs experience upset tummies. We pity them, seeing them suffer from pain and discomfort. You may also see your dogs with heightened irritability and in obvious uneasiness. Upset tummies are results of one of the following: stress, allergies, and the most root cause, the dog’s diet. Your dog probably ate something than he or she shouldn’t. Ingestion of foreign objects can be another reason. This is reason why upset tummies are to be taken seriously. In the event that your dogs experience a stomach ache, vets advise dog owners to feed their dogs with bland food. If the symptoms persist, best the dog owners bring their pets to them for immediate medical attention.

To know if your dog is experiencing an upset tummy, you can watch out for the following symptoms. If your dog is salivating and is passing gas, he or she is most likely suffering from an upset tummy. A dog with a troublesome tummy is also dehydrated, irritable, make gurgling stomach noises, is vomiting, and has diarrhea. Also observe your dogs well. If you notice them eating grass or licking the floor or carpet, they are most likely experiencing a bad tummy. They do this to ease the pain and discomfort they feel. Some dogs do this habit in an attempt to cure themselves. If they refuse to eat, it also means they are in no mood for some tummy nourishments.

In these troubling times, vets advise dog owners to give them this simple bland recipe which will still give them the nourishment they need without aggravating their already upset tummies. Before giving this food to your dogs, be reminded that they need to rest beforehand. They also need to fast for at least four to six hours.
The Bland Recipe for a Dog’s Upset Stomach
This is comprised of 75% boiled rice and 25% low-fat protein – perfect for your dog’s nourishment

First step is to boil the protein. You can then proceed to cooking the rice. Take note: do not add any fats, spices, oils, or flavorings, keep it bland.
Once protein is soft and ready, shred them and mix it in with the cooked rice. The add around half a cup of warm water for thinner consistency.
Mix well then let it cool.
You can now feed it to your dogs in lieu of his or her usual meals all through the day.
Vets recommend smaller portions of this concoction, around three or four servings a day. The interval and the amount will be better for quick digestion.

As for the recommended and acceptable proteins for this bland recipe, vets suggest using low fat cottage cheese, eggs or baby food meat. The best options however, are boneless and skinless chicken and boiled hamburger or ground pork or beef.
If your dog has history of food allergies to some protein sources, opt for other proteins that are safe for your dogs to eat. After all, this homemade bland recipe will only be given to our dogs when they are experiencing an episode of bad tummy.


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