Life is certainly easier with these few helpful tips!


We all want nothing but easier solutions for life’s curve balls. Specially us, dog owners, with our whims of solving pet problems in a jiff. Good thing years of experience of seasoned (and concerned) dog owners have yielded to lists of hacks for dog owners everywhere, seemingly making our lives easier. These may be based from years of research, others through experience as well. Here are some life hacks that can be used by dog owners who need a little saving.


Dryer Sheets to Pick Up Unwanted Dog Hair


Who knew one can pick up unwanted dog hair using dryer sheets? It is one of those dog owner hacks which is already proven and tested by dog owners everywhere. When too much dog hair is already becoming a nuisance, you can go grab a dryer sheet, rub it like crazy over your sofa, carpet, ottomans, or other places filled with dog hair and watch as it magnet it like crazy.


Baking Soda Solves your Pet Urine Problems


Dog owners usually have problems with their pets’ waste. Most especially if their pets are not potty trained. Cleaning the waste inside the house is one problem, removing the stank is another one. Baking soda is one of the most popular miracle aid for removing odors and cleaning up dog urine. Others combine it with lemon for better cleansing, others simply pour it on top of the urine spot. For best results, one must let it sit for twenty minutes or so before cleaning it up.

Window Squeegee as Carpet Cleaner (for Dog Fur!)

There are tons of double purpose  house cleaning supplies. Those that we think have one use, turn out to have multiple purposes. Say for instance, the window squeegee – a cleaning tool which you can actually use to remove dog fur from carpets. All you have to do is use the same motion you do while cleaning the window, only thing time you do the scraping on your carpet, and see how much dog hair is stuck deep on your carpet.

Use Covers to Protect Furniture From Dog Fur


It has been the oldest ordeal—ridding our furniture (especially our couch) of dog fur. Here’s another easy life hack, cover your furniture to protect it from relentless dog fur. You can just remove these customized covers and throw them in the wash. That way, you can preserve your furniture from accumulated dog fur.

Walnuts for Cover Ups


Yes, you heard it right. You can use a walnut to remove scratch marks from wooden furniture. All you have to do is rub a walnut over the damage or scratch, and the natural walnut oil will work its magic—seeping through the wood and repairing the scratched area.

Magic Eraser Actually Works


Again, another absurd tale.. that actually works! If your dog is known to notoriously drool, magic erasers can actually help you to scrub off the stubborn drool marks.


Baby Wipes are Also Good Hacks


There are some cleaning tools which have double purpose, there are also baby products that can be used in cleaning up dog hair. When giving your dog a bath, you would notice how dog fur pile up and usually clog the drain. By simply putting a baby wipe over the drain, you can stop the dog hair from clogging.


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