There are lots of ways to enjoy a great day with your dogs! You can try the following activities for the ultimate owner and pet bonding!

A Good Game of Hide and Seek
Dogs absolutely love the idea of looking for something/someone. You can play a great and exciting game of hide and seek. Make it extra fun by hiding then proceeding to call him or her until you are found. You can give them a toy or some treats as reward. This game can improve the reliability of your dog’s recall.

Let Them Dig
If your dog has another pastime, most certainly it is to dig, dig and dig! To be able to spare the flower bed or your perfectly landscaped yard from your dog’s digging, you can simply create or put up your dog’s very own digging pit. It is pretty easy, and pretty functional—for it can keep your dogs busy for hours. You can simply put up a sandbox, or perhaps fill a kiddie sized pool with sand. You can just place it at one side of your lawn and can make it more exciting by hiding a treat within the digging pit. Your dog will absolutely enjoy the thrill of finding the most coveted treat!

Go Strolling
As adventurers, your dogs are fond of strolling and just enjoying the sight and the scents. Taking them outdoors will make them truly happy—you can bring them in a stroller ride or a sturdy wagon.

Training Them Can Be Super Fun
Training is not always hard work for the dogs—they also enjoy it! To improve their manners, impulse control, and refresh different commands, you can engage your dear pets with training classes. They will learn heaps plus they will be enjoying some treats—a win-win situation!

Try These Activities for Dog Athletes
If your pet is more on the athletic side, and are used to some high impact exercise, you can enjoy some of these activities with them:

Herding is an activity perfect for energetic dogs. This dog sport is all about gathering giant balls, an exercise which promotes communication and team work for the owner and his or her pet.
Scenting and tracking is another popular game—for it promotes the dogs’ nose work. Our dogs absolutely love sniffing and tracking—making this activity an exciting treat for them.

If you are a daredevil, and your dog mirrors your thirst for thrill and adventure, this activity is for you. Dock diving is viewed as a fun and exciting endeavor that dogs couldn’t get enough of. At dock diving competitions, dogs run and jump after a tossed object in the water. This sport also provides a good physical exercise for dogs.

You can also try canine freestyle. This event is just like Zumba with your dogs. Sounds fun, right? It absolutely is! You and your dog can learn a dance or two through basic tricks and perform with other dogs!

With all these fun activities, do not forget to consult your veterinarian regarding the perfect activity that will suit your dog (as to his or her age and breed). This way, you are sure that you are really giving them the fun day that they deserve.


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