More than the physical exercises, our beloved dogs need activities that will stimulate them mentally. This is needed for the development of their cognitive skills and also a crucial part of training and teaching them commands.

There are loads of fun brain games that you can try with your dogs. They are fun and they will keep your pups busy. These are certified fast and easy mentally stimulating activities for your dogs.

Let Your Dogs Work for Their Food

Truth is, our dogs are living an easy life for they just wait for food to be served to them during meal time. Most dog owners would just fill the bowl with dog food and lay it to them. Why don’t you try to let them work for the food they are about to have? After all, it’s all part of a dog’s nature to scavenge and “hunt” for their own food. To add some mental stimulation to the usual meal time, you can change the meal routine. Let them think they need to work to earn that delicious dog meal!

Puzzle Toys Are Good Mental Stimulants

With the different dog toys available in the market, we seem to mix up which is which when it comes to benefit and learning. Puzzles are great toys for mental stimulation. These interactive toys are not just entertaining; they help dogs focus on a particular task. Puzzle toys are also perfect because they are good practice toys for our dogs’ natural problem solving traits.

Have Fun With Some Nose Work Games

Basic nose work games are not just easy—they are super helpful for mental exercise. It is simple as letting your dogs use their nose to find different things. Again this is also a practice for their innate scavenging skills. All the nose work games all throughout the day will keep them busy and mentally stimulated.

Let Them Sniff And Explore!

Having a super keen sense of smell, you can say our dogs absolutely go crazy with the thought of new scents. They work up their brain trying to identify a particular smell. Let them enjoy these moments by letting them sniff around when they are out for walks. Don’t be so hard on them and eventually allow them to stop and sniff.

Teach Them The Names of Their Favorite Toys

Training your dogs to do various things is a sure fire hit for mental stimulation. You can try teaching your dogs the names of their toys – which you can use for a great and fun “go find it” game. You can start by sitting with them, point to a toy, then say its name. if your dog picks the toy up, give him or her praises and a treat. After one particular toy, you can gradually show your dog more toys with associated names.

Time To Teach Them Your Dogs New Tricks

There is nothing more stimulating than learning new tricks. When you train your dogs, you are actually helping them to be more confident. This is proven to be effective for shy dogs. This particular mental stimulating activity is also perfect in strengthening your bond with your pet.


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