Know the Reasons Why Our Dogs Can’t Get Enough of Lawns!

It is pretty normal to see your dogs going crazy in your front lawn. Dog owners often see their canine companions either running like crazy or lying down, relaxed and chilled. Often times, we see them eating grass, munching on like there’s no tomorrow. At first we view it as something funny, but then realize, is eating grass even safe for dogs? We ask more questions with this dog behavior.

We often ask ourselves:

“Can our dogs even digest the grass they just ate?”

“Will it harm them in the long run?”

“What Can I do to stop him from chewing grass?”

Other concerned dog owners may find this one alarming for they have researched the inability of dogs to digest grass. Though we can’t really blame the dogs because it is usual behavior from them (with grass eating also observed in dogs in the wild) But before we go haywire with worry, let us find out the reasons behind our dogs constant craving for the green grass.

Most dogs eat grass for a lot of reasons. Experts are still having a hard time explaining this dog behavior. They all agree on one thing though, dogs with different personalities, sometimes in different circumstances, also have different reasons why they eat grass. If one dog owner can understand his or her dog, that he or she might figure out how why they do such a thing.

Upset Stomach, Maybe?

There are some speculations that dogs resort to eating grass when they feel that they have an upset stomach. Sometimes dogs snack on grass when they feel woozy or nauseated. They would do this for them to be able to vomit, altogether relieving themselves of a bloated stomach.You can totally figure out that this is one of their attempts if they hurriedly go out of your house and eat the first bit of grass he or she will see. As we all have observed, you will see your dog make large gulps and overly extending of neck as clear signs of an impending vomiting.

Yet, there are still some arguments on this particular reason. Some experts believe dogs can’t fully understand the logic of vomiting by eating grass.  Dog experts are not really convinced that dogs could understand such cause and effect. So to speak, if you have seen your dog vomit, it may be a classic case of stomach upset, or probably something else like some serious gastric problems. You should consult your vet at once.

A Case of Parasites

Experts believe that some dogs got the behavior of eating grass from their wild brothers, the wolves. It is said that the wild wolves would view “eating grass” as a therapy to clear out their digestive system of parasites or intestinal worms. The grass, being coarse and rough, promotes intestinal movements, thus pushing the worms out. So perhaps, this was just a classic case of behavioral inheritance.

Maybe Your Dog is Just Bored

Some dog behaviors are attributed to boredom. They tend to chew on things because they have nothing else to do. Probably your dog just hangs out a lot in the backyard, and he has nothing else to do. He probably just sees it as entertainment. So to prevent this from happening, make sure you provide your canine companions with loads of chew toys for diversion.

.. And Probably Your Dog Just Likes How Grass Taste..

What could be a better explanation to the grass eating phenomena? Your dog probably loves the taste, the smell, and the texture of the grass. So occasionally, you can just allow your dogs to enjoy their scavenger side!

Take note, however, that vets and other animal experts still do not recommend excessive grazing. Although generally it is not harmful for your dogs, he or she may come across plants that are laced with pesticides, or seriously toxic ones like poison ivy. Dog owners: always be reminded to keep an eye on your pups so that no further worry will felt on your part.


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