Is sleeping with your dog okay? Or is it something that you should avoid doing? Well, this article gives an answer to that question and should help guide you on whether you should or you should not.

There have been studies on this topic. What most of the research have shown is that around 60% of dog owners who took part in the study disclosed that they allow their pet dog to actually sleep with them on their own bed. This means that the dog shares a space on the bed of the owner and not just sleep with the owner in the same room.

What are the reasons for sleeping with dogs?

As per the study on sleeping with pet dogs, dog owners who took part in the study have disclosed a variety of reasons why they do such. After all, to those who do not own dogs, people who share their bed with their pet dog may seem quite off. But, the thing is, owners find satisfaction with doing such.

Dogs are providers of warmth.  

When days and nights get cold, being warm can be quite a thing. This can be the situation for those dog owners who may not have a partner or a companion. With a pet dog, the void of not having someone is filled. Also, when it comes to sleeping with their dog, they say that the pet gives them warmth. They can also snuggle right up to their pet and they say that this is really a good feeling.

Well, science has the answer to this one. See, dogs actually have a temperature that is a bit higher than humans’. They have a temperature that is up by three to six degrees higher. So snuggling with your dog means not having to invest in an electric blanket or even a bed warmer because your pet would do that for you.

Dogs are a good source of relaxation.

The study also showed that another reason that is given by dog owners for sleeping with their dogs is that they are able to relax with their pets beside them. According to science, this is because the dog has a breathing that is quite rhythmic and that helps them sleep better. It kind of serves as a lullaby of sorts and that is good in making people fall asleep.

Science has also shown that dogs have this effect on humans that makes them release more oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that is very much the source of happiness in humans. With that, dog owners who sleep beside their pet dogs actually feel happier and feel more relaxed.

Dogs make owners feel safe.

Dogs are known to be guardians of their owners. They are protective of their owners. And so, sleeping beside a dog is like having a guard beside you. They make their owners feel safe. In the dark, you can easily fall asleep knowing that your dog will easily wake up and protect you in case something untoward happens.


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