Dogs are man’s best friend. But they can be man’s hero too.

Meet Todd, the six-month old, fine-looking golden retriever from Arizona who risked his life for his beloved pet parent, Paula Godwin.


On the sunny morning of June 29, 2018, Paula decided to go for a hike together with Todd. As Paula was walking, she didn’t realize that a rattlesnake was so close. She almost stepped on it.


Todd, being the alert and protective dog that he is, spotted the rattlesnake and quickly dived in front of his owner’s legs. He took the venomous bite, saving Paula from serious injury. Todd’s selfless and courageous act resulted for his fluffy face to swell up.

He was brought to the Anthem Animal Hospital where he was given anti-venom treatment. Luckily, he was able to fully recover after 12 hours in the said hospital.

Paula posted his hero dog’s act on Facebook where it quickly went viral. In an instant, Todd became some sort of an internet celebrity. He was even featured at the Twitter page of WeRateDogs™ and received a terrific rating of 15/10.

Aside from being an instant online celebrity, Todd’s devotion to his owner, Paula, has now been formally recognized. Streamy Awards, the award giving body who honors the best online videos and their creators, decided to not just honor humans this time. They’re giving Todd the first ever Milk-Bone Dog of the Year Honor award.

Todd won the award via an online voting system. His competitors include Louboutina and Pierre. Louboutina, also known as Loubie, became an online celebrity because of the warm and loving hugs that she gives to those she meets on the street. Pierre, on the other hand, is a therapy dog who dresses in different characters to cheer people up.

Todd was given a customized piece of art as well as a trophy to mark his extraordinary achievement. Indeed, it was a well-deserved recognition for such a courageous act. Good job, Todd!

Courtesy: Paula Godwin, Streamy Award



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