Knowing the health benefits of ACV for your Dogs!

The growing popularity of apple cider vinegar is attributed to its health benefits to humans. It is now considered the miracle tonic for weight loss. It is also known to bring a lot of other health benefits. Since time and age, ACV, a byproduct of apples after fermentation, has been used by earlier generations as antiseptic. Some medicinal experts also encourage the use of apple cider vinegar   as energy drink, booster of metabolism and used to cure burns, inflammations, among others. ACV also has a lot of household benefits. It As beauty regimen, apple cider vinegar is used as facial toner, said to tighten pores and clears skin. It is also known to cure bug bites and sore throats.

For dogs, Apple Cider Vinegar also has a few benefits and use. There are loads of ways where in ACV can help dogs.

Apple cider vinegar can help dogs against fleas

One of the problems of dog owners is the consistent bugging of fleas and ticks. It may cause dogs great discomfort from all the scratching. Plus, if left untreated, may cause some serious health conditions because of some diseases these blood suckers could give to our dogs. ACV can help repel fleas and ticks. The acidic factor can make dog fur unattractive to ticks and flea, thus, helping in keeping them away from your beloved pets.  Although there are anti flea shampoos available in the market, apple cider vinegar yields to same results, without the risk of artificial side effects. This wonder tonic is also perfect in relieving itchiness—and prevents flaky skins. ACV is known to adds shininess to human hair—and is now also known to give a whole new shine to dog fur. All you have to do is mix the ACV with equal parts of water- and voila! You can use this concoction for countless  dog use.

Apple Cider Vinegar Help Aid Dogs in Digestion

With ACV aiding humans for better metabolism, it is also a verifiable fact that ACV can help with the digestive health of our canine friends. All you have to do is add it to your pet’s water or food. You will see that it could just simply help in the regulation of your dog’s weight. Its anti- bacterial qualities are also perfect to maintain a healthy digestive tract. ACV could even be used to wash fruits and vegetables before consumption.

The Perfectly Natural Antiseptic

Apple Cider Vinegar is also perfect for cleaning wounds. As mentioned above, ACV has anti-bacteria qualities that can help in rinsing wounds. As for dogs, ACV could be a safe agent for cleaning ears and can also be used to fight infections. It is all natural, without the risk of major side effects.  ACV is also known to cure yeast infection that is usually found on dog paws. Also try the equal parts water and apple cider vinegar mix, soak paws in to cure the infection.

Repel Dog and Cat Urine Odors In Your Household

We know how much you love your dogs and other pets, but sometimes the smell of their pee and poop are a little too much for us to take. Apple cider vinegar can pretty much solve this problem. ACV can help remove the raunchy smell inside your home.  It also acts as a disinfecting agent—so you need not worry about the bacteria left behind by the waste.

Maximize the use of apple cider vinegar and discover how much benefits it could bring to you, your dogs, and your household!


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