There are people who have this fear of dogs. This fear of dogs is known as cynophobia. However, keep in mind that not all people have this fear. In fact, many people love dogs. Some people believe that humans naturally love dogs. But there are factors that led them to start fearing such lovable animals.

Of course, those who do have the fear for dogs really want to make sure that they are “cured” of this. After all, while many people are in love with dogs, why can they not have such a like for them? Some are asking if the cure for the fear of dogs actually is made even more complicated because the person would have a negative reaction to the animal. After all, it is known that dogs can actually smell the fear in a person. With that, the fear that a person feels actually can be sensed by the dog that it makes the animal be aggressive. However, experts on dogs have said that this may not be true and there is really not much data on this that could say that it is.

Dogs can read your emotions

Studies have been done on dogs to show if they are really good at knowing how a human may feel or any emotion that a human may be having. According to research, these animals can actually look at a person and know what their facial expression would mean. Studies have also revealed that because of this, dogs would actually have a different response for the various facial expressions that people may have. So if you are happy, your dog would react differently if you had a sad expression on your face. This is not just about people that they meet face to face but they also read facial expressions from people that they see in photographs.

The important thing to note here is that dogs would not just go on and recognize a facial expression on a human. They would also have a reaction to what they are seeing. So any response that a dog would have would actually be because of what they are seeing in their environments. That is why it is said that dogs are not keen on strangers. This may be because their owner has a really angry expression toward this person and so the dog would also have a negative reaction towards that person when they meet again.

Dogs can read your voice

There have also been studies that show that even how the tone of your voice can actually be read by your pet dogs. By listening to your voice, they would know what emotion you may actually be having. So if you are amazed at how your dog may be happy when you are happy, then do not be surprised as they may have already observed it previously from you. These are reasons why people say that dogs can read emotions. They do not really see your emotions per se but they actually see it via your facial expressions and your voice.


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